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A Study In Magic, Chapter Thirteen Postmortem

phew. writing is hard when time is at a premium

A Study In Magic chapter thirteen, Secrets Unsaid, is up! 

I challenged myself to finish writing the whole chapter in a week. I managed … barely. 1250-1300 words a day, in a span of an hour, but not writing on weekends seems to be my sweet spot. I tend not to write on weekends as they are my reading days. I get depressed when I don’t read at least a book or two per week.  It also lets me distance myself from the ugly first draft(s), and construct a cleaner chapter.

Characterization and Plot

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Returned from Travels, now thinking hard about A Study In Magic

next chapter is coming soon!

I’ve safely returned from two weeks of traveling! Trying not to cough up a lung, at the moment. I’ve taken drugs and vitamins to manage symptoms. I need to, if I want to finish writing A Study In Magic like I said I would at the end of last 2016

I shy away from grand pronouncements and making my personal goals public. But I made an implicit promise to finish A Study In Magic this year, and I intend to keep it. It feels daunting … I’ve updated on a weekly basis before, but that was when I had the safety net of having good source material and lush free time at work. I also have grave concerns over my writing time; so much work to do, so many books I want to read. Then there are the usual unexpected obstacles Life likes to throw at me.

Nevertheless! I’ll be concentrating the next 12 weeks or so to churn out the rest of A Study in Magic: The Application. The story has reached what is called the “mid-point“. Using the number of words I’ve written so far as a guide, I have about 51,000 words to go. The short-term goal: 4250 words a week, not counting Author Notes and Headers and chapter postmortems. 🙂

Once I publish the final chapter, I plan to create ePub and Kindle copies of A Study In Magic and make them freely available for anyone who joins the email list. I finally bought a software that creates a basic ebook and the experimental results look good.

Stay tuned!

What I’m reading now: The Snowman

I’ve been meaning to write another “What I’m Reading Now” post. I have a book I can’t wait to share with you all…

The Snowman
by Jo Nesbø

I’ve heard of Jo Nesbø and noted his works sitting on the “New Release” shelf at the public library. After suffering through a disappointing work by P.D. James, I wanted to read a good crime novel. So I checked out the book the Internet said was one of Nesbø’s best.

WHERE WAS THIS ALL MY LIFE WHY DIDN’T I READ THIS EARLIER?! Or so I flailed about in my room as I swallowed the book in a single afternoon. This is what a crime story is meant to be! Continue reading

Travels! Saw the Total Solar Eclipse

I’m a creature of habit and narrow routines. But I’m also liable to faff off to remote places if I get to see this:

Total Solar Eclipse!

I heard about the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017 about two months ago. I was consulting the Internet about a local star gazing opportunities and Lo! This year the USA will witness the first Total Solar Eclipse since 1979, said the website. Within twenty-four hours I booked a flight using my long dormant air travel miles and phoned up a friend who lives in the path of totality (Kansas City, Missouri) and asked for a ride from the airport. She agreed and also offered her couch. Continue reading

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